Social Media Management
Social media management is a necessity for any busines. Social penetration has grown year on year that more than 80% of businesses use social media as an integral channel in their marketing efforts.

What we do for social media management

We will develop an effective social media strategy that is focused on your customer but also maintaining a healthy respect for your competitors.

Our in-house social media experts will plan out beautiful content plans and calendars that are focused on constantly keeping your audience informed on whatโ€™s happening in your business.

Furthermore, we will analyze content performance on a regular basis to identify what types of content performs well, keep tabs on your online reputation and maintain a highly social communication channel to constantly engage with your audience.

Our approach to social media management

  • Understanding Your Audience
  • Competitor Research
  • Content Calendar Preparations
  • Content Performance Analysis
We will kick-off by learning and trying to understand your audience & their demographics. To identifyin-depth about what kind of content they find valuable.
Keeping a keen eye on your competitors helps us to understand what they are doing to engage with their audience. We will research their content to understand what performs well for them, and potentially capitalize on any areas that we identify
We will prepare detailed content calendars that are planned to the date & time that content will be published.
We will analyze content based on reach & engagement to identify which content performed well. We will then dig deeper to identify why it performed well to replicate results across all future content.

Management tech used for social media management

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